HERBAL CARE hands and feet

Moisturising hand cream with hemp oil and ceramides

  • pojemność: 100 ml
  • obszar: hands
  • rodzaj skóry: all kinds of skin
  • działanie: moisturized
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Our moisturising hand cream with hemp oil and ceramides has been developed for the care of sensitive skin. We have composed its concentrated formula based on plant extracts obtained from renewable sources. Thanks to the richness of active ingredients, the cream provides instant hydration and relief to dry and rough skin of the hands, they becomes better nourished, youthfully soft and smooth day by day. We’ve put all our experience into developing the formula based on crystal clear mountain water, that’s why we are sure that it works.


  • reduction of skin dryness and roughness, active soothing of irritation
  • smoothing and protection against excessive moisture loss
  • improvement of the natural barrier function of the epidermis
  • feeling of nourishment and relief for a long-lasting comfort

Usage: massage delicately into the skin of your hands.

INGREDIENTS that YOU’LL LOVE:: *hemp oil* ceramides *karate butter *D-panthenol

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