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Nourishing body cream with amber essence and gold

  • pojemność: e 200 ml | 6,76 fl.oz.
  • obszar: body
  • rodzaj skóry: dehydrated and without flexible
  • działanie: intensively regenerates and rejuvenates the skin
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Nourishing body cream with amber essence and gold


Women want to radiate their beauty, Jantar DNA REPAIR is the secret of their youthful look, a treatment activating skin regeneration processes thanks to the power of gemstones and noble metals.


The nourishing anti-ageing formula improves skin elasticity and restores its natural beauty. The cream will make your skin regenerated, velvety smooth and firm while its subtle fragrance makes it sensual.

Massage delicately into the skin.

Active ingredients:

  • Amber extract - it stimulates repair mechanisms in the skin, gives it energy and improves vitality
  • Colloidal gold - stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, thanks to which it slows down the skin ageing process
  • Perilla oil – it nourishes the skin, improves its elasticity and firmness
  • Golden gleaming particles - they add a subtle glow to the skin

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