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Men’s feet require regular proper care and protection because they have the highest concentration of sweat glands per square centimetre of the skin. The most common problem for male feet is excessive sweating, unpleasant smell, and mycosis. That is why they require proper care, which is even more desirable due to the current trend of wearing shoes without socks. To keep them healthy and in good condition, it is necessary to use appropriate foot care products – mainly with antibacterial and antiperspirant effect. This is why our specialised Nivelazione FOR MEN line has been created. 

Unique formulas and specially selected ingredients are perfect for:

  • the care of feet with excessive sweating,
  • eliminating the unpleasant smell,
  • keeping shoes fresh,
  • daily care of feet with a tendency to infection.

Each product from the Nivelazione FOR MEN series has been developed to restore comfort to men’s feet step by step.

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