Herbal Care is the brand that has been appearing in company’s portfolio for many years.  This brand was awarded:
  • the European Medal in 2012 and 2013,
  • the Golden Pearl of Cosmetic Market 2016 in category – hair shampoos and conditioners,
  • Excellence Of The Year 2016 for Black Mint Foot Deodorant.


The formulas are based on the most popular on the market plant ingredients, which fall into a currently prevailing trend for herbal cosmetics, that contain:

  • more than 90% selected natural raw materials
  • 0% undesirable ingredients, such as: parabens, paraffin oil, dyes, BHA, ethyl alcohol, etc.

Developing Herbal Care formulas which are based on rich herbicultural tradition, we used all our experience so we are confident about the results.