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Regenerating anti wrinkle cream RADICAL AGE ARCHITECT 70+

  • pojemność: e 50 ml | 1,69 fl.oz.
  • obszar: face and neck
  • rodzaj skóry: with signs of aging
  • działanie: improved skin density, lifted face contour
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Deeply regenerating anti wrinkle cream RADICAL AGE ARCHITECT 70+


To effectively combat ageing signs typical of a mature age and protect the skin from the harmful effects of electrosmog and blue light our Specialists have developed the RADICAL® AGE ARCHITECT line.



  • improved skin density 80%
  • lifted face contour 84%
  • visibly younger look 92%


Use daily in the evening, gently massaging the cream into the cleansed skin of the face, neck and chest. This line includes also AGE SKIN ARCHITECT 70+ INSTANT LIFT ANTI WRINKLE CREAM SPF15.

Active ingredients:

  • AGE ARCHITECT COMPLEX is a combination of active peptides that rebuild the proper architecture of the support fibres of the skin. They stimulate fibryllins  and elastin, visibly improving the biomechanical functions of the skin – its firmness, density and flexibility
  • LIPO MATRIX is a multi-active youth peptide, rebuilding intercellular cement, providing it with essential lipids and improving barrier functions of the skin
  • SLEEP WELL EFFECT is a unique combination of aromatherapy oil and ingredients that calm and soothe, which facilitates falling asleep and make the skin look refreshed and clearly younger

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