RADICAL® AGE ARCHITECT uses the unbelievable potential of its active ingredients that activate hydration processes and delay ageing processes by moisturising, oxygenating and filling the skin on the surface and at deeper layers. Wrinkles are smoothed and the skin regains radiance and freshness. Moreover, the skin is covered by an invisible ‘umbrella’ that protects it from pollution, smog, electro-smog and UV radiation. The line RADICAL® AGE ARCHITECT is recommended as comprehensive care for all skin types of women aged 55+, 65+, 75+.

Comprehensive care preventing the signs of ageing, the harmful effects of the environment, pollution, stress, UV, electro-smog. It prevents ageing by providing adequate hydration, protection, detoxification and reactivation of skin cells. It illuminates and corrects wrinkles.

RADICAL® AGE ARCHITECT. Advanced anti-ageing care and delaying the appearance of signs of ageing at various stages of their formation.