HERBAL CARE hands and feet

Hand and nail regeneration cream with flax seed extract

  • pojemność: 100 ml
  • obszar: hands and nails
  • rodzaj skóry: rough and irritated
  • działanie: perfectly regenerated, satin smooth and elastic skin, immediately soothed without any feeling of roughness, effectively protected from the harmful effects of external factors
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The cream contains active ingredients which gently regenerate the skin, effectively nourish it and strengthen the nails, improving the condition and appearance of your hands.


The flax seed extract regenerates the skin, soothes irritations and reduces the dryness and roughness of the skin.

Urea intensively moisturizes, softens and smoothes the skin.

Bio-silica strengthens and regenerates the damaged nail bed and prevents the nails from breaking and splitting.


– immediately soothed and revitalized skin,
– no feeling of roughness or chapping,
– intensively moisturized and silky smooth skin,
– protection against harmful external factors.

Gently massage the cream into the hands and nails.

Active ingredients:

flax seed extract,  bio-silica.


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