HERBAL CARE natural herbal shampoos

Herbal Care Regenerating shampoo with hemp and protein

  • pojemność: 330 ml
  • obszar: hair
  • rodzaj skóry: all hair types
  • działanie: regenerates, moisturizes
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Our regenerating shampoo with hemp and protein has been developed for all hair types. We have composed its gentle formula based on plant extracts obtained from renewable sources. Thanks to the richness of active ingredients, the shampoo effectively cleanses and visibly nourishes the hair, day by day it becomes stronger, velvety smooth and soft from roots to ends. We’ve put all our experience into developing the formula based on crystal clear mountain water, that’s why we are sure that it works.


  • clean, moisturised and strengthened hair
  • perfectly smoothed hair along the entire length
  • reduced frizz caused by moisture
  • hair become easy to comb and style

Usage: gently massage shampoo into wet hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat washing if necessary.
Important: herbal extracts can cause precipitation of sediment and turbidity. Shake the bottle before use.

INGREDIENTS that YOU’LL LOVE: * hemp oil *wheat proteins *keratin *arginin

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