CANADIAN BIOLIFTING Bark is as important for a tree as skin is to humans – it protects against adverse external factors, and thanks to antioxidants is able to protect the interior of the plant.

Inspired by the concept of sustainable development and circular economy, we have developed a line based on multifunctional natural ingredients with unique origin.

Bark extracts of adaptive trees from Canadian boreal forests have become the basis for our anti-ageing specialists to develop bio cosmetics for facial care – Canadian BioLifting.

We follow the zero waste philosophy, we do not waste trees.

at least 90% natural formulas The remaining ingredients serve to improve the functionality and safety of our products.

we accept no compromise, we don’t hide anything, and we keep the promises we make.

We respect the Nature. We take the best ingredients it offers, but at the same time we care about its resources, using tree bark extracts obtained through circular economy.