Foot deodorant for men

  • pojemność: 180 ml 6.09 fl.oz.
  • obszar: men's feet
  • rodzaj skóry: excessive sweating
  • działanie: protection against sweating and unpleasant odours
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Foot deodorant Nivelazione


Men’s feet require regular proper care and protection to keep comfort and a healthy appearance. The most common problem for male feet is excessive sweating, unpleasant smell, and mycosis. Men’s foot deodorant from the Nivelazione FOR MEN series created by Experts of the FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory in cooperation with dermatologists and podologists fights them successfully. IF the skin of your feet is prone to excessive sweating and infection, you need a product that effectively refreshes the skin, eliminates its unpleasant odour and improves the comfort and hygiene of your feet.

Reach for an effective solution: our Foot deodorant.


Deodorant with long-lasting effect guaranteed by specially developed formula provides an innovative approach to everyday foot care and protection. It is based on proven ingredients that help keep proper hygiene and eliminate imperfections and the most common skin problems of male feet.


immediate and long-lasting dryness and freshness of the skin of the feet – according to 96% of respondents*

regularly used: it effectively eliminates excessive sweating and prevents unpleasant odours – according to 96% of respondents *

*tested on a group of 25 people


spray the deodorant on clean, dry skin of the feet, also between the toes. Use daily. Shake before use.

Active ingredients: Anti-perspirant odour blocker, Dermo-Protector, Hemp oil

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