Contract Manufacturing

Many years of experience, innovation and passion enables us to offer our partners highest quality services and comfort of cooperation.
We support our customers, starting from product concept development, preparation of recipes, graphics to manufacture of cosmetics as well as development and implementation of sales and promotion strategy.
Range of cooperation and type of support is adequate to the expectations and needs of the Customer, and our production flexibility makes it easy for our Contractors to create a variety of products which follow contemporary trends and expectations of the market and to produce in quantities suited to their capabilities.

We support all phases of development of the finished product:

– developing recipes,
– conducting the necessary tests (own quality control laboratory and microbiological laboratory),
– helping in the selection of packaging,
– marketing support in the creation of graphics of the product,
– preparation of product documentation,
– purchasing of materials and components,
– support in the process of acceptance of the product components,
– production process (from trial batches through the implementation and production),
– support in the process of registration of cosmetic products,
– logistical support.

Recipe of the product:

– adaptation of the recipe entrusted by the Customer,
– product development according to Customer’s suggestions,
– development of a new product based on current market trends.


– work on materials provided by the Customer,
– “full buy” – making purchases from suppliers indicated by the Customer,
– “full service“ – searching for suppliers and making direct purchases.

We follow market trends, we meet the expectations, therefore our modern manufacturing facility is suitably equipped to provide packaging of sophisticated products with diverse consistency and using varying packaging materials.

We specialize in products for:

– washing (oils, salts, milk),
– hair care (shampoos, conditioners, masks, oils, ampoules),
– body care (lotions, butters, scrubs, masks),
– foot care (deodorants, talcum powders, creams, masks, ointments),
– facial care (tonics, lotions, creams, serums),
– intimate hygiene products (lotions, foams),
– children (cleaning products and products for the skin care of the youngest).

Our own microbiological laboratory ensures production of products featuring suitable purity. Each manufactured batch of products is subjected to quality tests (physical, chemical and microbiological). High quality of products is ensured by implemented ISO 2008 and ISO 22716:2007 systems (GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice). Working with us provides wide possibilities for production of products intended for sale or for brand promotion as a free supplement to other products.

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