Prizes and awards

Winner of Beauty Treatments category of the Women’s World Super Product contest for the Fulfilled Promise  strawberry treatment

It was the sixth price award ceremony held by the “Women’s World” monthly magazine. The jury selecting winners included, among others: Grażyna Wolszczak, Katarzyna Zielińska. Strawberry body treatment Fulfilled Promise was the winner in the category of Beauty treatments for body and face.
Forbes Diamonds 2013
Forbes monthly magazine published its seventh ranking of the fastest-growing companies, prepared in cooperation with BISNODE credit bureau (formerly Dun & Bradstreet Poland).  Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory once again found itself among awarded companies.

Podologic Herbal series beauty product scoring first in the Foot Care category of the Beauty Premium 2013 contest

The Beauty Premium 2013 first prize was awarded during the Beauty Forum trade fairs for professionals in the beauty industry. The award for this particular line of beauty products came as a great honour to us, since Farmona, as a member of the Polish Podiatry Association, is a supporter of education and all measures relating to foot care, foot diseases and diabetes and thus also associated with the problem of the diabetic foot syndrome.

Golden Crocus Award for the Fulfilled Promise  treatment in a contest held during the Spring Salon 2013 23rd Professional Cosmetology Trade Fairs   

Spring Salon is the spring edition of the Professional Cosmetology International Trade Fairs. For years now this has been one of the most important events for the cosmetic industry in Poland, an event introducing the latest developments and innovations in the field of cosmetology. This year’s Golden Crocus award for 2012 best innovation in cosmetology went to the Fulfilled Promise  strawberry treatment.

Reliable Company 2012   

It is the 8th Reliable Company title awarded to Farmona. The Reliable Company certificate is a special distinction attesting to the integrity and reliability of the awarded company. Since its inception in 2002, the Reliable Company scheme has been supporting and promoting reliable companies at the same time screening those companies and creating a database of trustworthy firms. This scheme is the best promoted project of this type in

Business Gazelle 2012 award – by Puls Biznesu – for most dynamic Polish companies.   

The “Business Gazelles” ranking is the most popular and the oldest ranking of fastest growing small and medium-sized businesses in Poland. The 2012 ranking is based on financial results for 2009-2011. We are proud to announce that Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory was awarded with the “Super Gazelle” title, for its 10th consecutive appearance in the dynamic companies ranking.

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory among the founders of the National Pantheon in Krakow   

We are most pleased to be among honourable founders of the National Pantheon, an idea born out of passion and desire to promote knowledge about the history and culture. Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory sponsored further work in the crypts of St. Peter and Paul Church in Krakow.   The church will become a place of eternal rest for the greatest Poles.  It is a beautiful tribute to artists, scientists and men of culture who deserve nation’s honour.

Farmona Hotel Business & SPA awarded in SPA Prestige Awards contest   

– Farmona Hotel Business & SPA scoring 3rd the Best Conference SPA category of the Prestige Awards 2012 contest
– Farmona Hotel Business & SPA scoring 3rd the Best Holistic SPA category of the Prestige Awards 2012 contest
– Farmona Hotel Business & SPA scoring 2nd the Best Femi SPA category of the Prestige Awards 2012 contest

1 award on the Best Day SPA in Poland Empire SPA contest by Women’s Empire magazine – to Farmona Hotel Business & SPA   

Women’s Empire quarterly awarded best SPA places in Poland in a number of categories. Farmona Wellness & SPA located in Farmona Hotel Business & Spa was the winner of the Best Day Spa category.

European Medal for Herbal Care line hair and body care products   

Business Centre Club hosts a non-commercial, nationwide scheme called the European Medal.     The objective of this scheme is to distinguish and promote products and services offered by companies operating on the Polish market.  It is our pleasure to inform Herbal Care hair and body care products joined our last year’s laureate, Herbal Care feet and hand care products.

Sweet Secret Gingerbread series awarded with the Cult Cosmetic title

It was already 17th edition of the Cult Cosmetic contest hosted by the “Cosmetics Magazine”.  Winners were nominated in 8 categories. Gingerbread body lotion and sugar body scrub of the Sweet Secret line found recognition among the jury, and this year’s jury bench was occupied by names such as:  Martin Prokop, Jolanta Fraszyńska, and Magdalena Groszewska .

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory awarded with the title “Industry Leaders of Change”   

In the period April, 1st to August, 31, 2013 the Business Centre Club Employers’ Organisation hosts the “Industry Leaders of Change” scheme.  The scheme involves information and promotion campaigns of enterprises that, despite the crisis, introduce advanced technologies, solutions, undertake new challenges and strive for further intensive growth. Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory has been awarded the title of the Industry Leader of Change in the category of chemical companies. We have been acclaimed for stable development and consistency in action We have been appreciated for stable development and consistency n our actions.