Corporate social responsibility

Social and charitable activity

FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory is an active member of organizations engaged in pro-social activities, including Lions Club International, PKPP Lewiatan, BCC. These organizations raise funds for charity, building and equiping hospitals, funding scholarships for talented young people, feeding children and the homeless. FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory is also engaged in numerous programs and social projects on a national and local level. It does not forget about those in need, working with numerous non-governmental organizations. In recent years the company has been intensively trying to support initiatives to protect the priceless human life, especially of the youngest ones.

The company worked with the Prof. Zbigniew Religa Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery in Zabrze, during the ceremony of the 20th anniversary of the Foundation the company supported the concert and the release of an album called “Wonderful World”, and by doing so it contributed to the construction of artificial ventricle for children. We supported the Clinic of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in Krakow by sponsoring a charity concert, the proceeds of which ware used to build the hybrid room. The room will make it possible to carry out the most complex operations.

While working with the Hospital of St. Barbara in Sosnowiec, the company funded prizes for auction the proceeds of which contributed to the purchase of equipment for the Hospital’s trauma centre. We were also a partner of Anna Dymna Foundation “Despite Everything” during “Marek Grechuta Enchanted song” concert, we also work with the “Help on Time”, “Dreams Come True”, “Because It’s Worth It” Foundations as well as many other similar organisations.

FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory does not forget about the needy by collaborating with, among others, the Centre of Transplantation Foundation of University Children’s Hospital in Krakow, Monar Association, Polish Diabetes Association as well as hospices and nursing homes. The company participates in the project “Give yourself a healthy life”, whose main objective is the prevention of cervical cancer. We regularly support: Help on Time Foundation, Dreams Come True Foundation, Association of the Blind, Polish Diabetes Association, Man to Man Foundation.

The promoter of active lifestyle

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory encourages active leisure time, promoting a active lifestyle and sponsoring sporting events for: amateurs and professionals, inluding: Cracovia Marathon, 3 Mounds Run, Wisla Krakow basketball and volleyball games.

Patronage of Art

The company supports cultural activities, contributing to the development of culture and art. FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory collaborated with, among others, National Museum in Krakow at the opening of the Polish Art Gallery in the Cloth Hall, Historical Museum of Krakow, Krakow Philharmonic, Krakow Opera, Grotesque Theatre during the annual event Reality Shopka Szoł, Bagatela Theatre, New Bath. The interiors and gardens of FARMONA Hotel Business & SPA in Krakow host numerous opening days and exhibitions, among others a Dutch multiartist, Clemens Brielse.