Herbal Care – under the wise care of plants

Uncategorized 30 May 2017

Herbal Care has become a partner of two events in Carcow: Third Plant Festival and XII Festival of Gardens. If you want to know more about events, click here:

28.05 – Third Plant Festival  

26.05 – 18.06 2017 XII Festival Festival of Gardens



Advertising in cinemas of Herbal Care and Tutti Frutti (video)

Uncategorized 18 April 2017

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Lab has launched the advertising campaign of herbal cosmetics and Tutti Frutti. The first brand is promoted under the slogan “Beauty is a child of nature” and the other is “Feel the fruit”. Herbal Care and Tutti Frutti are featured in the commercials and their key features. The advertising campaign started on March 17, will be conducted in 280 cinemas in 163 locations. The Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory is responsible for the creation of advertising and implementation of the campaign on its own.

Herbal Care Intimate Hygiene in the Pregnancy and Child Project

Uncategorized 18 April 2017

The importance of hygiene of intimate places is known to every woman, especially during pregnancy.
Herbal Care has become one of the partners of the cross-cultural educational and informational project, Pregnancy and Baby in the Rzeczpospolita daily and on, Which launched on 11.04.2017 and took over the press, digital and social media. Take care of intimate hygiene during pregnancy and puerperium. Intimate areas are very sensitive to all artificial substances, so the safest solution is gels that do not contain dyes, detergents, soaps and fragrances, or only natural ones derived from plants. The Herbal Care brand offers intimate hygiene gels up to 94 percent. On natural ingredients. Recipes are delicate, without SLS, soaps and dyes. Gels are available in three variants adapted to different needs. Gel from the purse is odorless, and the other two variants (bark and oak bark) with fragrance compositions but without allergens. This is a great inspiration for all current and future moms in the beauty context. See more here:


Emerald statuette Reliable Company 2016

Uncategorized 20 March 2017

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory for the 12th time was rewarded with the title Solidna Firma, so we received the award – the Emerald Statue!

We are extremely pleased with this title, especially since Solid Company Certificates are a special distinction for companies that certify their reliability and credibility. Since its inauguration in 2002, the program has been supporting and promoting reliable companies, creating a trustworthy base for businesses.