The process of aging is natural and inevitable. Already at about 30 years of age one may notice fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and drooping of the upper eyelids. Ten years later, wrinkles are more visible, they also appear on the forehead and between the eyebrows, crow’s feet become apparent and so do wrinkles above the upper lip. At the age of about fifty wrinkles around the mouth and neck become clearly visible. The passage of time deepens these changes. After 60 years of age the skin loses density and elasticity, which results in deeper and longer wrinkles, sunken cheeks and flabby skin as well as “fuzzy” face oval. The skin becomes flaccid, atrophic and dry – studies show that over 80% of people at the age of 65+ suffers from excessive dryness of the skin, accompanied by a feeling of discomfort. We will not win against the time but we can cheat it a little by treating our skin with proper, daily care.
For this purpose, Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory has developed the Skin Re – Constructor 65 + line of cosmetics. This high-quality, innovative series of new generation cosmetics, created for very mature skin, which by complementing the age-related deficits of biologically active components ensures proper care and protection of the skin, effectively reducing the signs of its aging.