The sea offers benefits known to the man since ancient times. In Greece, in 480 BC, Euripides wrote “the sea treats diseases of mankind,” and Hippocrates in 350 BC prescribed sea water for internal and external use. Life on Earth evolved in the sea, hence ingredients of marine origin are so important for beauty.

Using the gifts of the sea Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory has created a new line of beauty products that moisturize and delay the aging process for daily facial care – Skin Crystal Care.

Unique ingredients, such as anthozoa, sea silk, Atlantic algae or plankton extract perfectly moisturize the skin, and fight free radicals, delaying skin aging process. They perfectly smooth and improve the condition of the skin, restoring its velvety smoothness and delicacy.

The line was created especially for women whose skin begins to lose the natural balance of water and lipid and demonstrate a tendency to excessive dryness. Preparations intensively moisturize penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, display anti-wrinkle and smoothing properties. They ideally protect against harmful external factors and provide a fresh and radiant look every day.