Skin aging is a natural process, which involves the reduction of cells’ biological activity and slowing down of skin regenerative processes. Each passing year is a testament to inexorably elapsing time. More and deeper wrinkles appear on the skin, it loses its elasticity, softness and freshness. After 40 the skin visibly dries, since it has about 20 percent less sebaceous glands than at the age of 30. Cell division is slower and slower and blood flow and oxygen supply is worse. Another symptoms include wrinkles and “bags” under the eyes, wrinkles between the nose and mouth corners, fine wrinkles on the upper eyelids and neck, dilated blood vessels. However, advances in modern cosmetology do not leave us with this seemingly unsolvable problem alone. On the contrary, they show how this problem can be effectively fought with, offering resources that allow to enjoy young and beautiful appearance for longer.
Perfect Beauty mature skin 40+, developed by FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory, is a line created for everyday skin care after the age of 40. With optimally balanced active raw materials Perfect Beauty mature skin 40+ products effectively fight the aging process by providing the skin and youthful appearance. Unique active ingredients such as Peptide HA, Ginger, Guarana, White truffles, DryFlo®, Almond oil, UV filters, D-panthenol will perfectly take care of the skin, acting comprehensively and preventing the formation and consolidation of wrinkles.