The skin is often thin and delicate. Blood vessels, usually shallowly located, quickly lose their elasticity and become fragile. Under the influence of emotional, physical (eg. changes in temperature, solar radiation, effort) or chemical (coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, hot spices) stress blood vessels expand – to the outside such expansion is seen as blushes, heat strokes.
With the wrong lifestyle and skin care expanded blood vessels become permanent and rupture. The result is a permanent redness on the skin, translucent “spider veins”. The essence of care for such skin is to mute, protect for example against the sun and other external factors
and to strengthen and seal fragile blood vessels and improve microcirculation.
Reactive skin, prone to redness and bursting capillaries, requires attentive care which is provided by Perfect Beauty line of cosmetics developed by Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory. With optimally balanced active raw materials of the highest quality, these beauty products strengthen blood vessels, inhibit the formation of spider veins, calms hypersensitive skin and soothes blushing reactions. As a result, the skin regains its lost balance, natural colour and beautiful, luminous appearance.
Unique active ingredients such as chestnut extract and Japanese ginkgo extract, witch hazel extract, Siberian ginseng and hawthorn extract, grape seed oil, rutin and advanced biocomplex Centella GlpCa perfectly nourish capillary skin, improving its condition and appearance. They work completely, preventing the formation and consolidation of vascular lesions.