Amber – Gold of the Baltic Sea – is highly valued in cosmetology. For centuries, it has been known for its miraculous properties, it was not only an extraordinary ornament for beauty, but showed nourishing and conditioning properties. Amber is a natural antioxidant, it accelerates cell renewal, regenerates and brightens up even the most tired skin. It contains compounds neutralizing free radicals responsible for aging of the skin. Amber has also a great hair conditioning effect. Cosmetics with amber supplement strengthen hair roots, prevent hair loss and oily hair. Amber as a natural UV filter, it protects the hair from the harmful effects of solar radiation. Cosmetics from Jantar series developed by Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory, including bath salt with amber extract, moisturize the skin and add energy, while providing the perfect mood. More and more SPAs offer treatments based on cosmetics with amber extracts. Such treatments are supposed to firm, oxygenate and regenerate the skin.